AKBAYAN Rep. Mayong Aguja

Legislative Work

With Akbayan's various areas of concern, Mayong particularly focuses on the issues of Labor and Employment, Migration and OFWs, Housing and Urban Development, and Education. Close to Mayong's heart are also issues on Peace and Mindanao, Trade and the WTO, and International solidarity for democracy and human rights.

Mayong, together with fellow Akbayan Representatives Etta Rosales and Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel have filed Bills and Resolutions to promote the welfare of the marginalized in these sectors.

Mayong is a member of the following House Committees:

  • Higher and Technical Education (Chair, Subcommittee on Alternative/Open University System)
  • Agriculture and Food (Chair, Subcommittee on International Trade)
  • Revision of Laws (Chair of the Subcommittee on Political and Economic Laws)
  • Appropriations
  • Constitutional Amendments
  • Labor
  • Human Rights
  • Local Government
  • Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
  • Government Enterprises and Privatization
  • Economic Affairs, Labor and Employment
  • Overseas Workers’ Affairs
  • Trade and Industry
  • Globalization
  • World Trade Organization
  • Mindanao Affairs
  • Social Services
  • Women

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