AKBAYAN Rep. Mayong Aguja

DTI Budget put on hold for failing to provide request of Akbayan Rep for full text of JPEPA

Posted by tin on September 7, 2006

DTI Budget put on hold for failing to provide request of Akbayan Rep for full text of JPEPA


“It is just and fair that the DTI budget as approved in yesterday’s hearing be withdrawn after failing to deliver the full text of the JPEPA this morning.”, said Akbayan Rep Mayong Aguja. “DTI Sec Peter Favila promised to have the full text delivered, not to me, but to the Committee on Appropriations and Committee Chair, so I am not surprised that the Chair has decided to hold the DTI budget as if there had been no hearing yesterday.” Aguja added referring to Rep. Joey Salceda’s decision at this morning’s budget hearing.


Committee on Appropriations Chair Rep. Joey Salceda pronounced yesterday before the end of the DTI hearing that the Committee will not begin the hearing of the Department of Justice until the promised copies of the JPEPA are delivered to the Committee. When the copies did not arrive this morning, Rep. Salceda retracted the approval of the DTI budget.


“We have been asking for the copy of the JPEPA since last year’s budget hearing, but it has not been provided to us.”, said Aguja. “On the other hand, they seem to have rushed in concluding the agreement without the Filipino people being apprised of its contents.” said Aguja. Sec. Favila has confirmed that the official signing will be done this coming Saturday, September 9, 2006 in Helsinki.


“Why do it in Helsinki, and not in Japan or the Philippines? It would probably be more appropriate to do it here in the Philippines at the ASEAN Summit in December”, said Aguja. “That is if and when the full text of the JPEPA has been disclosed and meaningfully consulted with the public”, he added.


“The Philippine government should be committed to the welfare and interest of the Filipino people and not just bow down to the request of Japan for the immediate signing of the agreement”, said Aguja. Sec Favila said that it was upon the request of Japan PM Koizumi that the JPEPA be one of his last acts before relieving his post this month that the Helsinki signing was called for.    


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